Begin Again

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I have written in your blog.  Although this hiatus wasn’t planned, it has given me time to reflect on the past 6 years of writing to you.  From your first words and steps to losing your first tooth it has been an amazing journey that I have truly enjoyed sharing with you, even through your difficult times.  You are probably saying to yourself “me?…difficult?, yep, you darn right-as you were a handful at times.  You see you were blessed with a type A personality not to mention the double edged sword of being a Capricorn, like myself.  On our best days our personalities will light up a room while we bask in the glow, yet other days we cannot seem to get out of our own way due to our heard headed stubbornness.  That’s not to say that we are troubled souls by any stretch of the imagination, but we do sometimes require the ability to sometimes take a step back and get out of our own way to completely see the big picture.

This past year has seen you graduate kindergarten and begin your elementary career into the first grade.  Your reading and comprehension has excelled daily and your problem solving ability knows no bounds, when you put your mind to it OR you are not distracted.  Your personality types seem to have shifted a little from driver-analytical to  driver-expressive due in part to your Chatty Cathy episodes in class all the way down to your desire to direct and lead play activities amongst friends and family.  I don’t know what to attribute this to other than your deep desire for attention, but will continue to encourage positive interaction and let go of the reigns a little with your friends and enjoy your childhood.  there will be plenty of opportunities for you to be the leader and take control of the situation.

Since you were just a little over 2 years old, my wife Cassondra, has been in your life.  Cassondra has been a blessing in not only my life but your life as well.  I really haven’t mentioned her much in my writings only because this blog was originated around mine and your times together, our experiences, and the journals of me; a first time father.  Although at times there has existed a small bubble of jealousy from time to time over my affection of you, she has learned that there is nothing to fear from you as she loves, teaches and parents you as if she was her own.  You and Cassondra have your own bond that extends outside of a fatherly bond which I hope continues to grow over time.  It’s amazing to see Cassondra want to shop for you even during times when we didn’t have you and she seemed to be always looking for the cutest outfits for you.  You and I are very fortunate to have someone in our lives that came from an unbroken home with strong family values, which in turn, instills in in us to create a strong family bond.

In short, we have traveled a short distance in your life, but have covered many learning miles in ours.  I would never have guessed this is how it would have turned out, but wouldnt change it for the world.  The best part is, the voyage is just beginning.